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Ana P. Sešek

Real estate agent



Ana. Our treasure trove of interests, knowledge and ideas. A professor of English and a bachelor of library science, whose greatest passion is aviation and the world of real estate, of course. The combination of old and new architectural trends, the keeping-up-to-date with new ideas in construction and interior design and the realisation of design ideas are the things that drive Ana forward and provide an excellent basis for her activity on the real estate market. These interests are also intertwined in Ana’s personal life, where, in addition to travelling, learning about new cultures and iconic world architecture, she likes to enjoy fine cuisine and spend her time at concerts or with a good book. Working with people is extremely challenging, and communication skills and a respectful attitude towards clients are needed to build any semblance of trust. The goal of the agent is to provide professional assistance and guide their client through the entire process of selling, purchasing or leasing real estate, as well as to help them safely realise their wishes in a stress-free manner.


  • • real estate marketing
  • • languages
  • • library science

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