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The process of renting an apartment

We have prepared a brief outline of the apartment rental procedure for you:

1. Reviewing the current offers in the market and selecting suitable apartments

Start by reviewing the various advertising platforms, websites of real estate agencies and social networks where ads for renting apartments are published. When viewing the ads, pay attention to key information such as location, apartment size, number of rooms, rental price and attached photos.

2. Verify the ownership status of the apartment

Home ownership verification is a key action when looking for an apartment to rent. This way you can make sure that you are in contact with the real owner or manager of the property and avoid possible fraud or frivolous offers. Before signing the rental agreement, it is recommended to obtain an official certificate of ownership and check whether the person you are negotiating with has the right to rent out the apartment.

3. Viewing the apartment

During the tour, you have the opportunity to inspect the space in detail, check its size, the layout of the rooms, and determine whether it meets your needs. It is important to note down all important information during the viewing, such as the condition of the apartment, any defects or necessary maintenance work.

4. Negotiate and finalize the agreement with the owner

After viewing, talk to the owner about the duration of the lease, the possibility of extending the contract, costs, security deposit, possible restrictions, etc.

5. Drafting the rental agreement

When drawing up a rental agreement, it is important to specify the key elements and terms; the duration of the lease, the expected start date of the lease and any deadline for extending the lease. In the contract, specify the monthly rent, the method of payment, the payment deadline and any costs to be covered by the tenant. It is also recommended to define a security deposit that the tenant will pay in advance and will serve as insurance against possible damage or unpaid obligations.

The contract should also contain provisions on the use of the apartment, the tenant’s maintenance obligations and the landlord’s right to access the apartment for any maintenance or inspection needs.

In addition, it is important to include a notice period clause and a procedure if one of the parties decides to terminate the tenancy.

Finally, remember the rights and responsibilities of both parties regarding any disputes or disagreements.

6. Payment of security deposit

The security deposit is an integral part of the rental relationship and protects the owner against possible late payments or costs incurred after the termination of the rental relationship.

7. Handover of the apartment

Upon taking over the apartment, it is recommended to create a record describing the condition of the apartment and its equipment. Photographing the apartment is also recommended.

Some useful tips for renters:

  • – All important information should be clearly defined in the rental agreement, including the duration of the rental, the amount of rent and the procedure for possible repairs or damage.
  • – When handing over the apartment, make a record of the condition to avoid any misunderstandings at the end of the lease.
  • – Inform the owner in writing about any changes in the condition of the apartment.
  • – Before renting, ask about possible additional costs so that there are no unpleasant surprises.
  • – Make all payments via bank account.

For enhanced security when renting, we highly recommend collaborating with a real estate agency

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