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Detached house, Radovci


9264, Grad, Slovenija

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Key Details

For sale
Type of real estate
Mura Region
Storey layout
Gross surface area
94,30 m2
Year of construction
5.050 m2
Year of renovation
Year of construction


Detached house, Mura Region – Radovci, built in 1961, partially renovated in 2015; one-story; total area 94.30 m2, storage 10.53 m2, boiler room 4.30 m2 + outbuilding (built in 1979) 245.50 m2 and auxiliary agricultural building (built in 1996) 28 m2, associated land totaling 5.050 m2. Price: EUR 99,000.

In Radovci, we are selling a detached house, which is located on the adjoining land, the size of approx. 5.050 m2. It is an idyllic plot of land in the heart of the Goričko Landscape Park, away from the hustle and bustle and everyday stress. The center of the Mura Region region, Murska Sobota, is just under 18 minutes away by car.

It is a small single-apartment house that, with a relatively small investment, offers a comfortable stay for an individual, a couple or a small family. The living area includes three rooms (14.20 m2, 15.10 m2 and 18 m2), a kitchen with a separate storage room, an older bathroom with a separate toilet and a boiler room. As part of the residential part, there is an additional storage space of 17 m2. There is some useful equipment and tools in the commercial part of the building, which remain part of the property at the buyer’s request.

The house was partially renovated in 2015. The renovation included the replacement of the roof covering and some windows. The house is heated centrally, via a wood-burning stove installed in the kitchen. The land belonging to it comprises the surrounding meadows and land with a building, in the size of 1627 m2.

If desired, the seller can also sell additional surrounding land in Radovci, Kruplivnik and Poznanovci.

CONDITION OF SALE: The condition of the owner of the real estate is that the buyer, in case of realization of the sale/purchase of the real estate, pays a tax on sales of real estate in the amount of 2% of the contractually agreed sales value of the real estate.

In case of interest, please contact us; Agent Živa Štefanec, Tel: 00386-40-626-208, E-mail:

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