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How to obtain key information about a property?

In this article, we present basic information, types of records, and useful links regarding the process of obtaining key information about a property.

Let’s begin by defining what a property is: property refers to land and anything permanently attached or connected to it, such as buildings, facilities, or infrastructure. Properties include land, apartments, houses, business premises, agricultural land, industrial areas, and forests.

Real estate records are maintained by the Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (GURS):

Land Cadastre

This contains information about each plot, including plot number, boundaries, area, owner, manager of state or local property, actual use, land under buildings, and the creditworthiness of the land. The data is accessible through the Portal Prostor by using the e-geodetic data application.

Cadastre of Buildings

This record encompasses buildings and parts of buildings related to the land cadastre and land register. It holds vital building information such as identification number, owner, operator, location, area, actual use, apartment or business premises number, and links to other records. Access is the same as with the land cadastre.

Real Estate Register

This register compiles data from various databases and records the current state of real estate in its natural setting. It includes data from the land cadastre, building cadastre, land register, other public records, and data provided by property owners. Information about buildings, such as connections, year of renovation, supporting structure material, building type, elevator presence, floor height, and actual use, is included.

The real estate register may also incorporate data about individuals who likely own the real estate, but whose ownership hasn’t been formally registered in the land register yet. Therefore, the data in this register, not sourced from the land register or cadastre, might not always be reliable.

Land Registry

For reliable information about real estate ownership, it is recommended to consult the land registry maintained by the court. The land register records rights on real estate, along with encumbrances like mortgages, easements, building rights, restrictions, etc.

Access to the land register is possible through several methods. You can visit the court in person, where you’ll receive a certified document, but this requires payment of a court fee. Alternatively, electronic access is available via the web address Instructions for use can be found on the website

Real Estate Market Records

Public access to real estate market records is also provided on the Prostor Portal. This resource reveals transactions within different time periods and areas based on selected criteria. This information is accessible through the Real Estate Market Registry –

Spatial Information System

The spatial information system, managed by the Ministry of Environment and Space, is also valuable for those seeking suitable real estate. This system offers a wide range of spatial data for each plot, including details about intended use, spatial planning, and the valid municipal spatial act. The website where you can access this data is

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