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Creating new trends in real estate brokerage

Selling, buying or renting real estate is an extremely personal process. Understanding the needs and wishes of customers is of key importance.

Are you looking for a larger apartment, perhaps another study room, where you can work quietly and put a computer on the table without disturbing anyone? Are you looking for a new construction to turn into a modern smart home? Do you have any other specific wishes? Surely no one knows the real estate market better than the experts in the real estate agency.

Although the presence of agencies abroad is completely normal and represents an inevitable, even desirable part of the transaction process for sellers or buyers of real estate, Slovenian culture is somewhat more independent or inaccessible in this regard. Perhaps the attitude of Slovenians towards real estate agencies is hampered by the past unreliable business practices of real estate agencies in Slovenia. Perhaps the culprit can also be found in the excessive prices on the market, which makes housing credit an unattainable goal for many. Perhaps this is due to the belief that we are all familiar with the real estate market and its functioning, or even ignorance of possible problems and consequences of failed transactions. The fact remains – real estate agencies have a bad reputation.

So what is it that can enable an individual to receive agency assistance? Selling, buying or renting real estate is an extremely personal process. It is therefore crucial to understand the needs and wants of customers, which are often different from the current market narrative. Searching for a suitable property or customer requires coordination between the individual and the market, or the search for suitable solutions.

In accordance with the aforementioned, the BAZA agency decided on a different approach. BAZA represents a young, dynamic, energetic real estate agency with a love for photography, architecture, interior design, working with real estate and people.

The creation of the agency was inspired by the past experience of working in a real estate agency and the observation of untapped potential within the real estate industry. The ethos of the company is to offer customers friendly, transparent and professional services. Customer care is at the heart of everything we do. Professional approach, enthusiasm, dedication and attention to details ensure a comprehensive service, which is lacking in the Slovenian area.

At the BAZA agency, they believe in the old-fashioned ethics of hard work, passion and dedication, and have set the highest standards for themselves. Experienced and honest experts from various fields of photography, architecture, economics, law and humanities are dedicated to unbiased and expert advice. With continuous education, active monitoring of the real estate market, excellent knowledge of legislation and legal support, professional photos and architectural visualisations, they help their clients realize their wishes. They are a team that works with a single purpose – for the good of their clients.

Računalniške novice

The article was published in the journal Računalniške novice, November 2021.