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What to take into account when looking for your dream property


Buying real estate is definitely a stressful process that the average person goes through only twice in their life. Before you start your search, you need to clearly define your expectations and goals.


1. The most important is the financial scheme of the purchase (% of own funds, % of potential housing credit). Go through your budget and find out how much funds you can spend on buying a property. If you have considered and decided to buy, take some time and arrange your finances carefully, which will help you to get additional financing with the help of banks. You will also find out where to look and how much you are willing to pay for the desired property. Count and check your account balances and your credit score to see how much of a loan you can apply for at what interest rate. The financial scheme stipulates:

2. Characteristics of the desired property; it is important that the property covers your list of priorities. Here, we advise you to create a list of key wishes and take a close look at the neighborhoods and spend some time there.

Buying a house:
• more space
• (as a rule) lower price per square meter
• outdoor living space and garden
• own parking lot
• less contact with neighbours; the possibility of living alone
• house addition

Buying an apartment:
• lower and more predictable maintenance costs
• proximity to infrastructure
• lower insurance costs
• less maintenance and cleaning work
• greater anonymity
• reserve fund for emergency repairs
• better use of space.

The desired characteristics are adjusted:
3. Current offers on the market. You can check our offer on the bazarealestate.com.