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Problems in selling real estate: The most common mistakes

If you own an apartment that you want to sell, but the sale has been dragging on for months, despite the visits and viewing of potential buyers, it is important to consider a different sales strategy. Below are some tips to improve your sales opportunities.

1. Research the supply and demand in the area where your property is located

The time it takes to sell a property depends on the state of the real estate market in a particular area. Examining market conditions helps us determine the recent selling prices of similar real estate, the prices of competing properties, and thereby establish the correct value of the property for sale.

2. Correct pricing

Setting an appropriate price can significantly enhance the attractiveness of a property and give it a competitive edge in the market. Potential buyers are more likely to show interest and make offers when the price is realistic.

Here are some tips on determining the selling price:

  • – Review the prices of recently sold properties nearby that are comparable in terms of size, age, location, and additional features.
  • – Consult a real estate agent to conduct a professional evaluation of your property, considering market trends, local factors, and other essential aspects to determine the best selling price.
  • – Take into account the condition of the property and any possible improvements that have been made.
  • – Keep in mind that the real estate market is constantly changing, so it’s important to monitor current market conditions regularly and adjust the price if necessary.

3. Ensure proper documentation.

Before selling real estate, it is essential to have all the necessary documentation in order. This ensures legal security, transparency, and a smooth sales process. Key documents to prepare before selling a property include:

  • – Proof of real estate ownership, containing information about the owner, property boundaries, etc.
  • – Land registry extract, which provides data on any registrations related to the property, such as mortgages, easements, or other legal encumbrances.
  • – Building permit, as proof that the property was constructed in compliance with valid building regulations and has obtained the necessary permits.
  • – Energy card, which discloses information about the property’s energy efficiency and consumption.
  • – Extract from the real estate cadastre, enabling proper identification and registration of the property in various records.
  • – Use permit, confirming the property’s compliance with its designated purpose.

4. Visual presentation of the property.

Photos play a crucial role as they are the first point of contact for potential buyers. High-quality and attractive photos will immediately capture the attention of potential buyers.

By providing excellent photos, you can attract serious buyers early on, which reduces the time spent on irrelevant inquiries or unnecessary viewings.

By following these steps, you can effectively prepare and present your property for sale, increasing the chances of a successful and timely transaction.

5. Arrangement of the property

A well-organized and appealing space significantly influences the sale value of a property and attracts more potential buyers.

One way to achieve an attractive appearance of a property before selling it is by using the staging method. Staging involves artistically arranging and decorating the interior of a property to display its full potential and capture the interest and imagination of potential buyers. This method utilizes carefully selected pieces of furniture, accessories, artwork, and other elements to emphasize the space, making it more attractive and functional.

6. Ad content adequacy

A properly written ad is crucial when selling a property, as it has a tremendous impact on attracting potential buyers and the overall success of the sales process.

The content of a good ad should include the following key information:

  • – Detailed description of the property: Size, number of rooms, floor plan, and room layout.
  • – Location: Description of the surroundings and proximity to important facilities such as schools, shops, and medical facilities.
  • – Technical data: Year of construction, building condition, renovations, and energy efficiency details.
  • – Price and terms of purchase: Clearly stated sale terms, price, and payment method.
  • – Photos: High-quality and representative photos of the property.

7. Contact information

Including contact information in your ad allows potential buyers, agents, or other interested parties to reach out directly to the seller or their authorized representative. Providing contact information demonstrates transparency and trustworthy communication on the part of the seller.

In the ad, you can clearly highlight the contact person’s name, telephone number, and/or email address for interested parties to inquire further or initiate the property purchase process.

The assistance of real estate professionals can facilitate the sale. We provide insight into current market trends, sales statistics, and information on competing properties in the area. Our expert knowledge and experience allow us to accurately evaluate your property and advise on setting a realistic price for the sale. We offer help in preparing the property for sale, developing a marketing strategy, conducting tours with potential buyers, and supporting the entire sales process.

Cooperating with a real estate agent enables you to sell the property successfully and efficiently, saving you time and stress associated with selling on your own.

When choosing a real estate agent, pay attention to their references, expertise, knowledge of the area, and communication skills. Having confidence in their work is crucial for successful cooperation.