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Planning information on the eligible use of the land


Planning information on the eligible use of the land is an official document containing spatial planning details for a specific area, encompassing building restrictions, regulations, and provisions governing land construction and usage within that region.

When acquiring land, this planning information proves immensely significant, as it precisely outlines permissible constructions on the land. It comprises crucial details concerning floor plan restrictions, maximum building height, roofing types, proximity to neighboring land borders, and other vital regulations impacting building design and construction.

Ensuring Construction Legitimacy

This document plays a pivotal role in ensuring construction legality and serves as a pivotal requirement for securing a building permit. It functions as a comprehensive database delineating the geographical coordinates of the land, its designated purpose, building constraints, spatial plans, infrastructure connectivity, and other pivotal data imperative for accurate project planning and execution.

Alignment with Spatial Plan Demands

The review of this planning information aids in circumventing potential disparities between proposed structures and spatial plan requisites, mitigating potential issues, such as the removal of unlawfully erected edifices.

Influence on Structure Design

The planning information sets the bounds and prospects for building design, exerting influence over size, shape, height, and other essential attributes. This fosters the adaptation of plans in accordance with personal preferences and requisites while ensuring alignment with spatial planning directives.

Mitigation of Risks

Attaining precise planning information curtails the risks of construction errors, illicit building endeavors, and potential sanctions from authoritative bodies.

Insights into Public Infrastructure

The planning information may also encompass insights into local utility infrastructure, encompassing access to electricity, water, sewage systems, telecommunications, and more. Such details are pivotal for project planning and the calculation of infrastructure costs.

Acquisition of Planning Information

In Slovenia, the municipal authority within the land’s jurisdiction is tasked with furnishing planning information. To initiate this process, submit a request for planning information issuance to the Spatial Office of the respective municipality.

Procedure for Acquiring Planning Information

Before submitting a planning information request, ensure all necessary details about the land, including its identification number and location, are prepared.

Lodge the planning information request with the relevant municipal office, usually accompanied by a requisite form available on the municipality’s website or directly from their office.

The municipal authority will assess the request, verifying the inclusion of all essential data. Additional information may be requested if deemed necessary.

Upon confirming the adequacy of submitted details, the municipal authority will provide the planning information in written or electronic format.

Prior to land acquisition, securing and validating planning information is critical, ensuring alignment with your intentions and legal construction prerequisites. This preparation facilitates informed decisions, safer investments, and streamlined planning for your envisioned residential or commercial structure.

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