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Koselig: The Norwegian Art of Creating a Cozy and Happy Home

In the Nordic countries, they great importance is attributed to home decoration, as they believe that it has a significant impact on our well-being. In Norway, for example, they follow the philosophy of “koselig” – a Norwegian term for coziness, which they want to achieve in their homes and which contributes to the feeling of happiness.

But what does koselig mean? It includes tips for decorating your home in accordance with this Norwegian philosophy, which describes the home as a pleasant, peaceful, comfortable, warm and safe place. Norwegians pay special attention to the smallest details, as they want to achieve inner peace and enjoy the company of family and friends.

This trend is especially relevant today. After everything we’ve witnessed, we appreciate the need to feel happy at home more than ever. In the following, we present you with tips on how to apply the koselig philosophy when furnishing your home.

Home arrangement

The first principle of the koselig philosophy is that a tidy and organized home is a pleasant home that radiates peace. Hence, maintaining order in the home is crucial to living in inner balance.

The koselig philosophy is based on regular deep cleaning of the home. During these cleanings, we must get rid of everything that does not bring us satisfaction and does not allow the flow of positive energy.

Blankets and candles around the house

The long and cold Norwegian winters encourage people to spend most of their time sheltered at home. To make the most of this time inside the home, it is important to create a cozy atmosphere with pillows, large rugs, blankets and various winter textile accessories that bring a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Although we may not have as cold a weather as in Norway, when autumn and winter come here we also want to feel in a warm atmosphere. The use of candles, which can be arranged around the house, plays a key role in this, creating a pleasant and warm atmosphere.

Space for leisure

Norwegian homes are generally bright and cheerful, using light colors on walls and furniture and vibrant colors in details such as textiles, decorative elements (eg vases, paintings and lamps).

This is also due to the climate and the fact that Norwegians spend a lot of time at home. It is about creating a comfortable and pleasant space in which we feel good.

In addition, in Norway they distinguish between functional spaces, such as the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, and leisure spaces, such as spaces for children’s play, reading and entertaining family and friends.

Plants in the home

Koselig does not allow artificial plants, as it always opts for a natural and close connection between man and nature, which is transferred to the interior. Norwegians use branches from the forest, pine cones and even logs to decorate their homes.

Koselig presents a life philosophy that allows us to understand the world and our home without rushing, without stress and by enjoying the small joys of everyday life, which turn the home into the best refuge.

Are you inspired by this philosophy they use in Norway, one of the happiest countries in the world? Do you dare to use koselig in your home and everyday life?