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How to create a healthy home?

When we talk about health, we often forget that our environment, especially the home, also has a significant impact on our well-being. That is why it is important to create our home as a healthy place that allows us peace and prosperity. Here are some tips to make your home healthier.

Plants for cleaner air

Plants are more than just decorative elements in the home – they also have a healing role. Plants can clean the air and remove external pollution and contribute to a relaxed atmosphere in the room. There are a few types of plants that are particularly effective at purifying the air, such as Potus, bamboo palm, ficus elasticus, sansevieria and spathiphyllum. Adding these plants to your home will help make the air healthier.

Proper lighting

Lighting has a significant impact on how we feel in a room. It is important to choose the right tone and intensity of light for each room. For example, in the kitchen you need good functional lighting, while in the bathroom you need stronger lighting above the mirror. Basic lighting is sufficient in transitional spaces. Correct lighting will contribute to a healthy and comfortable stay in the home.

Regular ventilation

Daily home ventilation is key to a healthy home. Simply open the windows every day to renew the air in the room. With ventilation, we remove CO2, regulate humidity, drive away dust and unpleasant odors, and let in the sun, which disinfects and warms the room. Proper ventilation reduces the risk of mold, allergies and respiratory irritation.

Isolation against noise

A high level of noise has a negative effect on our health, so it is important to insulate your home well from external noise. The use of double-glazed windows or noise-absorbing materials can reduce the passage of sound into the room. Proper noise insulation will create a healthier and calmer environment in your home.

Avoid harmful substances

When creating a healthy home, it is important to avoid harmful substances that can negatively affect our health. We achieve this by using natural materials in the selection of furniture, floor coverings, paints and other building materials. We should also avoid using products that contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, phthalates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Take care of water quality

In order to maintain good water quality in your home, it is necessary to regularly maintain the plumbing and check for possible leaks. In case of contaminated water or if we want to improve its quality, it is recommended to use filters for drinking water.

Use of ergonomic equipment

Taking care of ergonomics is important, as it allows us to reduce the risk of pain in the back, neck and other parts of the body. Adapt the furniture and equipment to your needs and ensure good lighting of the work surfaces. Flexible ergonomic equipment will make our daily tasks easier.

Create a relaxing and natural environment

Creating a relaxing and natural environment in the home is key to our well-being. The use of natural materials such as wood, natural textiles and plant fibers helps us to create warmth and a pleasant atmosphere in the room. It is also important to avoid excessive artificial light pollution and take advantage of natural lighting.

Reduce electromagnetic radiation

When reducing electromagnetic radiation, it is recommended to limit the use of electronic devices in bedrooms and avoid placing electrical wiring and devices directly next to work surfaces where we spend most of our time.

By taking proper care of plants, lighting, ventilation and insulation, you can create a healthy home that supports your well-being. Your home will become a place where you feel relaxed, calm and healthy.