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How does the space we live in affect the quality of life?


The level of satisfaction of each individual with his own life is undoubtedly related to  home. Feeling comfortable, calm and safe, in a place where you will spend the most important moments with your loved ones is a point that should be a priority when looking for the best home.

What is quality of life?

Although the concept of quality of life can have different meanings and ways of understanding, it basically covers a set of conditions that contribute to a common goal: personal and social well-being. On the way to achieving this goal, there are some components that are subjective, ie. they can be different for each person and social environment.

An individual can feel fulfilled when he is in good health, has good relationships with other people, eats healthily, or achieves great personal or professional success. In the context of this idea, the quality of an individual’s life can be understood as a global relationship, an expression that is in constant motion, as it includes socio-economic, cultural and psychological aspects that can create positive values.

How does the home affect the quality of life?

The apartment or house you live in plays an important role in the quality of life that an individual can achieve. It is not just a part of the material sphere that provides a physical space for living, resting, dreaming and enjoying beautiful moments. It also presents an opportunity to meet other needs such as emotional, social and safety needs.

In addition to the image aspect, which is of course important, the quality of life is based on various conditions of comfort, habitability, use, efficiency and health. Closer contact with nature and its tranquility, the possibility of safely performing activities that interest you, or proximity to health services are some of the factors that also contribute to ensuring a high quality of life. Be sure to keep these points in mind when looking for options and making a purchase.


A home affects the quality of life as it offers a privileged location. Avoiding long journeys for any activity, be it shopping for primary products or leisure and recreation options, will give you more peace of mind. With less stress from commuting to and from work, your standard of living will increase.

The same applies to the environment. If your home offers you close contact with nature and allows you to take advantage of its benefits, you are in an ideal place to improve your quality of life. A great location also offers you very attractive views that will make you appreciate your community in a different way.

Enough space

A high-quality and sufficiently large space in your home is another element in efforts for good emotional well-being. Every resident should feel comfortable at home, should be able to enjoy enough privacy to be able to find peace of mind and establish healthier relationships.

Natural light

Natural light has a great influence on human life, as it contributes to the development of a good mood and gaining greater attention in daily activities. In addition, it offers some advantages such as:

  • – Less visual fatigue, as it adapts better to the eye.
  • – Synchronization with internal biological rhythms, such as sleep.
  • – Some studies have confirmed that the absence of sunlight has the effect of increasing discomfort, fatigue and stress. Based on this information, your home should offer you the best way to make the most of natural light with large windows and specially designed spaces. The result will increase the quality of life while contributing to energy and cost saving.

Enjoy a home that improves the quality of your life

The effort to improve and maintain a high quality of life is essential for the full and satisfactory development of every human being, and the home is closely related to this purpose. The city, community or building in which your home is located carries a lot of weight and ultimately affects your lifestyle and daily habits.

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