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Garden design with Magic Garden


Do you still remember how nice it is to walk on the crisp leaves of the autumn forest? How do the meadows smell in summer, on which we used to roll, and how the collected curlers in our hands clattered like rattles? We caught grasshoppers to tickle us between our closed palms, we collected earthworms to feel how moist their epidermis was.

This large garden is our surroundings and it is high time to bring it in front of our house as well. Who wouldn’t want to relive those childhood impressions, smell that freedom?

Magic Garden is a team of designers, experts in the design of magical gardens, who believe that we can support nature’s immune system by living with the garden. But they also know that each of us likes a beautiful garden, and that’s why they know how to make a combination of aesthetic appearance and natural environment. They take into account the financial capabilities of the individual, his wishes, the need for relaxation and especially understand that most people do not have the time and energy to maintain the garden like a slave. The natural gardens they champion are beautiful, magical and unpretentious.

The mission of Magic Garden

They believe in the power of the individual and that every natural garden plays an important role in the big picture. Their vision is to create as many natural gardens in the world as are friendly to animals, people and the environment, to tell Nature that they are on her side. With each design purchased, they commit to donating a portion of the profits to whatever conservation project they call at that moment.

Magic Garden Team