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Empty or furnished apartment – what to choose in Slovenia?


The real estate market in Slovenia has been experiencing ups and downs for many years, with the preferential requirements and needs of potential buyers changing over time. In this dynamic environment, an important question arises regarding the purchase of real estate: does it make more sense to invest in an empty apartment and furnish it according to one’s own wishes and needs, or is it more rational to choose an already furnished apartment that already offers certain comfort and functionality upon purchase?

In this article, we will take a close look at this dilemma and focus on comparing the sale of empty and furnished apartments in Slovenia. We will explore the merits of both options, taking into account aspects such as cost, flexibility, time frame and attractiveness to potential buyers. Our goal is to offer readers a broader view of this topic, and to help them make more informed decisions regarding investing in real estate on the Slovenian market.

Creativity potential or visualization of potential?

An empty property represents a canvas on which buyers will be able to imagine their visions. This opens the door to creativity and allows the new owners to adapt the space to their wishes and needs. With an empty property, buyers have greater control over the placement of furniture, choice of colors and almost unlimited flexibility over the entire interior, allowing them to adapt the space to their lifestyle.

A furnished property allows buyers to more easily imagine how the space could look in practice. This shrinks and simplifies their decision and enables faster adoption. Buyers can move in faster, since in most cases there is no need to search for and buy furniture and accessories.

The impact of price and location

Location and price play a key role in choosing between an empty and a furnished property.

An empty property is often sold at a lower price than a furnished one. This may suit more price-sensitive buyers looking for an opportunity to purchase within their more affordable means. The relationship between furnishing costs and potential changes to an already furnished apartment must also be carefully examined, as sometimes the investment in furnishing can be concretely higher than the adaptation of an already furnished space. You can also choose an unfurnished apartment from the point of view of lower initial costs.

Another important factor in the choice is the location, as buyers want to satisfy their individual needs, lifestyle and priorities regarding the environment in which they will live.

Most buyers who decide to buy furnished apartments often go to city centers such as Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper and Celje. This is the result of the desire for a modern lifestyle, proximity to workplaces, cultural events and various services. Furnished apartments in these cities also often attract foreigners and young professionals. Families and those who want a quieter environment often choose to buy empty apartments in the suburbs of major cities. This option allows them greater flexibility in furnishing the apartment according to their own wishes and needs. Suburbs are also attractive due to better access to nature, larger residential areas, proximity to schools and green areas.

In such a step, therefore, location, lifestyle, financial capabilities and long-term goals are a mandatory topic for reflection, after we have already defined our needs and desires.. Regardless of whether you decide on an empty apartment to furnish it according to your wishes, or for a furnished apartment that offers immediate comfort, it is crucial that you inform yourself, consider the options and seek the advice of experts in this field.

As experts in the real estate industry, we help you navigate this crucial journey. Our real estate agency can boast of experience and deep understanding of various aspects of buying real estate in Slovenia. Whether you are new to the market or an experienced investor, we are here to advise you, offer comprehensive information and guide you towards the best possible decision that will suit your goals.