Žana Lapajne - BAZA realestate

Žana Lapajne

Telemarketing and administration



Žana. Currently a student at the Faculty of Law and an upcoming Master of Laws. Resident of Idrija and an adopted resident of Ljubljana, inevitably starts her mornings with coffee, and her great passion lies in cooking and preparing excellent food. Žana has accumulated 11 years of experience in tennis competitions, which have instilled in her discipline, rational action, a spirit of healthy competition, and perseverance.

These characteristics are diligently reflected in her work at Baza, where she is currently being introduced to the realms of telemarketing. Undoubtedly, we will use her skills where we find intersecting interests. In a relatively short time, she has mastered most negotiation skills and is becoming a vital part of Baza.

We are delighted and proud to have her as a part of our team.