Lovro Megušar - BAZA realestate

Lovro Megušar

Photographer & Cameraman



Lovro. Media wizard, student of photography, world-class professional photographer and the realiser of our visual ideas. Be it portrait photography, personal projects or real estate photography, his projects are distinguished by photographic/visual perfection, which he keeps complementing with new technical knowledge year after year. In his spare time, he is an avid hiker, a mountain lover, a cyclist and an explorer who never shies away from a party. We at BAZA particularly appreciate his approach to work, responsibility, sense of belonging, intelligence and imagination. Regardless of the fact that he ended up working in the field of interior photography and architecture by accident, he is fascinated by it, especially due to the diversity of field work, meeting wonderful (and somewhat less wonderful) people, exploring hidden corners of Ljubljana and its surroundings and obtaining invaluable experience that will benefit him along his future personal and professional journey. He has been an indispensable part of our company since day one, and we can safely say that, without Lovro, we wouldn’t be here today. We hope he stays with us until the day he decides to hang up his boots.


  • • photography
  • • video
  • • animations