Lenart Megušar - BAZA realestate

Lenart Megušar

Architect & Designer



Lenart. The other half of BAZA’s visual duo. It goes without saying that we are extremely lucky to have not just one, but two brothers in him and Lovro. Lenart is an astute, ambitious, hard-working, perfectionist, multi-visual and extremely talented future architect. With the amount of promise he is showing, we wouldn’t hesitate a moment to use him to outline the interior and exterior concept of our real estate, for example. Recreational athlete, amateur photographer, videographer, music enthusiast, traveller, chef and all-round foodie. In short, he knows what’s important in life. Real estate is part of his future profession, and he especially likes to explore the potential within spatial constraints. Co-designing the concept of BAZA enables us to develop our ideas and gain a deeper understanding of real estate dynamics and spatial needs of individual clients, which is a key component at the crossroads of real estate mediation and architectural art.


  • • architecture
  • • interior design
  • • 3D visualisation