Ines Železnikar Kelenc - BAZA realestate

Ines Železnikar Kelenc

Head of administration and marketing



Ines. A portrait photographer, creator of media content, and lover of aesthetics. First and foremost, a mother to her son Adam, a loving caregiver to her cat Lev and dog Jinx, and a devoted wife to Andrej, with whom she prefers spending time at home or on trips and travels. In addition to being a talented cook, she is a lover of good food, socializing, and especially music, which serves as her favorite means of communication.

When she completes all the necessary aspects of adult life, she will retreat to her house in the mountains, complete with a small zoo, where she plans to cultivate her own cheese.

As long as we still have her in our clutches, we will take advantage of her extraordinary ability to translate our ideas into a visual language. In a relatively short time, she has grasped the essence of our visual image and successfully elevated it, despite the rigid framework of Baza’s management. Her attention to detail, sense of people, and healthy sense of humor will undoubtedly propel Baza far and beyond.

We are happy and proud to have her as part of our team.